Balance Poses: (Please) Bend Your Damn Knee

A bent knee, is a strong knee.  Has anyone ever told you that before?  I'd wager that this is probably your first time hearing that. When it comes to Balance Poses (like Dancer's, Half Moon, Warrior 3 etc) You've likely been instructed to straighten your leg or "microbend your knee."   These are really common cues, … Continue reading Balance Poses: (Please) Bend Your Damn Knee

Lateral Lines Part I: Legs & Hip Anatomy & Dysfunction

Let's talk about one of the grooviest areas of your body: the outside edge, your lateral lines. This kinetic chain of muscles/ligaments/tendons is responsible for your movement side to side hence the reason why it's often called your "Fish Lines." Your Lateral Lines are also HUGE when it comes to stability. I know what you are … Continue reading Lateral Lines Part I: Legs & Hip Anatomy & Dysfunction

Are Your Hamstrings Actually Tight?

Today we'll demystify and breakdown "Tight Hamstrings."  It's a common diagnosis among a lot of people.  You've probably heard of it or suffered from it at one point as it often keeps you from folding forward and touching your toes. Hamstrings are a bit more complicated than they seem.  They can actually be both "tight" and "not tight" at the … Continue reading Are Your Hamstrings Actually Tight?

Active Pigeon: Impact & Aftermath

I'd like to share with you guys some really cool things that have emerged ever since my yoga community adopted Active Pigeon pose and began to shy away from Sleeping Pigeon. It started here 4 months ago (wow right?!) when I first presented the case against Sleeping Pigeon pose inhibiting the deep stabilizers of the hip … Continue reading Active Pigeon: Impact & Aftermath

What is Stretching?

Kind of a weird question right?  We understand what the word means, we can even demonstrate it quite easily, and we know it feels pretty damn good... But can you actually describe it? It's kind of baffling huh? Well let's take a good look at stretching today then!  We're going to look at: Local Components … Continue reading What is Stretching?

Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome: Condition Breakdown w/ Corrective Yoga

Depending on who you ask Sciatica can mean a lot of different things.  Some people have a "Sciatica area" of their thigh.  Others believe that any time their back hurts, it's sciatica to blame. So is it an area of the thigh?  Is it back pain? Kiiiiinda, but not really Sciatica or Sciatic Neuritis is quite … Continue reading Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome: Condition Breakdown w/ Corrective Yoga

Yoga Injuries: Headstand more like Nope-Stand

If you know me you probably know that there are two poses that I refuse to teach in group Yoga.  One of those is "sleeping butt pigeon," which I've done a whole extensive series on how sleeping pigeon can injure your hip.  (Here's a quick link to Part I). The the other pose is the most … Continue reading Yoga Injuries: Headstand more like Nope-Stand

Twists Part 2: Counter-Twist Your Yoga Twists

I'm going to come right out and say it, I'm really really really really excited to share this with you.  The past few weeks I've been playing around and experimenting with the Twist breakdown you're about to learn and experience today.  All the prior articles I have been posting have been leading up to this … Continue reading Twists Part 2: Counter-Twist Your Yoga Twists

Twists Part 1: Where Should We Twist?

  Hello friends! I've got some fun game-changing information to share with you!  It's all about our favorite, twisting postures.  Trust me, you've never twisted like this before, nor will you be able to twist any other way after. I hope you're ready to boogie Over the next two articles I'll be introducing you to … Continue reading Twists Part 1: Where Should We Twist?

Yoga Pose Breakdown: Active Pigeon

Here's the quick guide to both performing and mastering Active Pigeon Pose. Sanskrit: Sakriya Kapotasana Sakriya - Active Kapotasana - Pigeon Goal/Intention: To engage the superficial and deep muscles of the hips and pelvis.  This aids in hip/pelvic stability and balance. Instruction: From Downward Dog, lift one of your legs and shift your torso forward … Continue reading Yoga Pose Breakdown: Active Pigeon