Developmental Movement: Hips & Shoulders

Ah it's been so long since I've been able to write!  Taking a little time off to focus on my work has been good and inspirational.  So let's start off this new wave of inspiration looking at how to sequence in really healthy movement! In this post today we'll take a look at how Internally … Continue reading Developmental Movement: Hips & Shoulders

Yoga for Headaches

Yoga in general is great for a number of different conditions and diseases.  This is simply because it fosters movement (which is the best kind of medicine), breath, and mindfulness (which help decrease your stress).  Healthy movement paired with breath plus the decreased stress from mindfulness can do wonders for your body. Today we'll look at how … Continue reading Yoga for Headaches

Unlocking the Front Body via the Coracoid Process

Today we're going to look at a couple different muscles and fascial chains that coalesce at one particular part of the front part of your shoulder, the Coracoid process. Fun fact: Coracoid means "like a Raven's beak" and as you are about to see, it looks just like one: As you can see it's a … Continue reading Unlocking the Front Body via the Coracoid Process