Pigeon Pose Series: Core Strengthening

Here's a quick way to spice up your Pigeon pose by adding some Core Stability through your transverse abdominis muscle.  Plus I'll introduce a different, more active way to get into Pigeon pose! Other benefits include: Increased Active Range of Motion of your Hips Increased Hip Stability (by strengthening your Butt-tator cuff) Gluteal muscle activation Spinal … Continue reading Pigeon Pose Series: Core Strengthening

Active Pigeon: Impact & Aftermath

I'd like to share with you guys some really cool things that have emerged ever since my yoga community adopted Active Pigeon pose and began to shy away from Sleeping Pigeon. It started here 4 months ago (wow right?!) when I first presented the case against Sleeping Pigeon pose inhibiting the deep stabilizers of the hip … Continue reading Active Pigeon: Impact & Aftermath

Yoga Pose Breakdown: Active Pigeon

Here's the quick guide to both performing and mastering Active Pigeon Pose. Sanskrit: Sakriya Kapotasana Sakriya - Active Kapotasana - Pigeon Goal/Intention: To engage the superficial and deep muscles of the hips and pelvis.  This aids in hip/pelvic stability and balance. Instruction: From Downward Dog, lift one of your legs and shift your torso forward … Continue reading Yoga Pose Breakdown: Active Pigeon