Dr. Yogi Gare’s Specialties


Chiropractic Technique:

As a Chiropractic Physician I employ multiple manipulative and soft tissue techniques to help restore and maintain your body’s movement including IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation) and Proprioceptive Fascial Taping.  I believe the entire body is designed to move together, from the big toe to the bones of the skull.  You can expect a full head to toe, or toe to head, series of adjustments from my treatments, ensuring each segment is moving as it should.  Corrective exercise is then implemented and prescribed in order to create lasting effects so that the movement granted during treatment is facilitated and solidified by your brain and nervous system.


Corrective Exercise:

Much of the exercises I give to my patients are intended to activate motor and fascial chains as well as strengthen the coordination between your nervous system and muscular system.  These exercises are intended to help you move in the best and most efficient way possible.  They also address any compensation patterns that arise from muscular imbalances, assuring that your body is capable of reaching its highest potential.  Most of the exercises prescribed are easily woven into everyday life, so that there is no major hassle to find time to move.  Examples include: Stability ball and pads, Resistance training with both bands and weights, Yoga poses, and proper Self Myofascial Release Instruction.



Through a comprehensive blood analysis one can learn a lot about the inner workings of the body.  Having been trained in Functional Medicine, I am adept at analyzing blood chemistry in order to create nutritional plans and recommend supplements based on Minerals, Nutrients, Vitamins, and Hormones that are currently circulating in your body.  Analyzing blood chemistry also allows me to notice any dysfunction that may be occurring at a cellular level, which often precedes larger physiologic dysfunctions such as Diabetes, Auto-Immune disorders, and Metabolic dysfunctions.



Yoga is one of my favorite ways to apply my extensive and ever expanding knowledge of the human body.  I currently teach both Basic and Advanced Anatomy for CorePower Yoga’s teacher training programs in the North OC/LA area.  I also teach workshops guided around topics such as Yoga Injuries, Yoga Assists/Adjustments, and Yoga Biomechanics.  One of the main intentions of my blog on this website is to help spread scientific awareness and knowledge in the yoga community. If you are interested in any of my workshops or trainings please email me via the Contact page.