Who is Dr. Yogi Gare?


Garrett Neill, DC, RYT, or Dr. Yogi Gare, is a Chiropractic Physician who believes that optimum health requires Mobility, Stability, and Balance.  Dr. Garrett employs Chiropractic Manual Therapies and Soft Tissue Techniques to ensure his patients are capable of moving in the best way possible.  With his extensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics he couples his treatment with Corrective Exercises that emphasize both stability, strength, and efficiency.

Dr. Garrett is also a Yogi of over 10 years and has been a Registered Yoga Trainer for over 4 of those years.  In addition to Corrective Exercise, he also utilizes Meditation Techniques and Functional Nutrition as a way to balance both the brain and the body.  He firmly believes that a healthy mind requires a healthy body, and a healthy body requires a healthy mind.

In addition to being a Chiropractic Physician and Yoga Teacher, Dr. Garrett is also an educator.  For the past two years he has taught several lectures on anatomy and biomechanics. Patient education is one of the key staples of Dr. Garrett’s treatment.  He believes that patients should fully understand their diagnosis in order to achieve optimum health.

A 2015 graduate of the Southern California University of Health Sciences Chiropractic College, Dr. Garrett received multiple awards, including The Presidential Leadership Award and the Herbert McGee Technique Award.

As a yoga teacher he has also received multiple mentions of excellence both in his classroom and in the yoga community.  Dr. Garrett specializes in yoga injuries and is renowned for his ability to safely guide his students into and out of yoga postures.

Visit Dr. Garrett today to get biomechanically, neurologically, and nutritionally evaluated.  Mobility, Stability, and Balance are only an office visit away!