A Quick (Much Needed) Update

Hello everyone out there in Internet land!

Weekend at Bernies Hello

I’m still here, and am very much still alive haha

I realize I have not published anything here in a very long while now (Not since Developmental Movement: Hips & Shoulders on June 6th).  That’s far too long and I apologize, I’ve just been all over the place and also producing content elsewhere.

I plan on updating the site in the very near future and putting in avenues that can connect you to the other content I produce and also returning to my roots and creating more awesome content via my blog.

Typing cat.gif

More tantalizing content coming your way soon!

I appreciate you all following, sharing, reading, & connecting to the information!  Even with my negligence it’s been so amazing to check back in and see how this website is still growing and the strength of the community!

In the meantime:

  • I’ve writing an awesome series on yoga injuries for a free online magazine: Shut Up & Yoga
  • I’ve also been trying to upload more and more videos of Yoga Poses & Sequences on Youtube: Dr. Yogi Gare’s Youtube Channel
  • If we’re not friends yet check out my Facebook Page for content updates and I share articles relevant & interesting to health/movement/etc: Dr. Yogi Gare’s Facebook Page

Seriously check those out,  I’ve been updating them a bit more regularly!  They are pretty sweet and I share a lot of great information and exercises that emphasize the concepts 🙂

I hope to entertain your mind in the very near future with some sweet knowledge bombs, but until then this update will have to suffice.  Please feel free to reach out to dryogigare@gmail.com if you have any questions or requests for content.  In that off time if fielded a number of questions and I’m always happy to answer more 🙂

Until next time my friends!


Keep your neurons firing, you mind in the moment, and your body feelin’ good 


Dr. YG

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