Fascial Implosion: Sternal Release

These past few weeks have been pretty crazy, hence the reason why I haven’t been writing.  Today, I’d like to share something really simple with you that I learned from Dr. Perry Nickelston that’s really helped me move through a lot of the stress and it’s all centered around your heart center!


Your whole body is going to hit like on this one!

So why is this bone in the front of your chest so important?


Fascia!  More specifically it’s a site of “Fascial Implosion”

When you are stressed, tired, emotional you start to close off and shrink.  This physically manifests in the front of your body.  You begin to round forward and shrivel into a small ball as you physically manifest this closed off feeling.

Even though you are physically and emotionally closed off you still need to move!  When this area is all condensed and you try to move, a lot of your movement becomes inefficient and force from your movement becomes misplaced (this is how musculoskeletal pain can manifest elsewhere).

Inefficient movement from imploding forward can lead to:

  1. Neck pain
  2. Back pain
  3. Shoulder pain


If left uncorrected this starts a cycle of more pain, more stress, and more of a feeling closed off.  Eventually you’ll breakdown like this barrel!

Neurolymphatic Stimulation

The area of your sternum (or breast bone) is an important site for your lymphatic system as there are some major lymphatic vessels there.  Your lymphatic system is essentially your body’s sewage system, it helps carry away waste and toxins for elimination and recycling.

When you implode forward you impede your lymphatic system, your body’s natural ability to detoxify, which only furthers the vicious cycle of pain/stress/emotion outlined earlier.

There are also a lot of nerve cells around the area of your sternum.   Stimulating this area can be pretty profound for your brain and your body.  One example of this is when you look at all the different acupressure points on your sternum.


For example: CV 17, located on the lower end of your sternum, is associated with calming anxiety, relieve stress, open the heart, and help with emotional pain (It’s known as the “Sea of Tranquility Point”)

Woah! Just that point alone sounds like one of the main causes as to why we collapse forward in the first place.


How to Stimulate your Sternum

It’s actually quite simple:

All you have to do is rub your fingers, light to medium pressure, around the center of your chest.

  1. It’s kind of like scratching your chest: take your fingers, or knuckles, and rub along the center and along your ribs.
  2. You can also tap (kind of like a King Kong pound) as well
  3. Make sure you get in between your ribs and under your collar bones too

I’ll warn you though, it’s probably going to be really really tender!  This is often a neglected area on our body so start light and work medium.  If you find a tender spot breathe and brush the area with your fingertips/knuckles a few times.

Once all that fascia is released you’re going to feel like a profoundly different human.  Your chest will be open, stress relieved, emotions dissipated and you’ll be ready to take on whatever chaos life continues to throw at you.

Plus you’ll be moving more efficient!

When you change the way you move, you change the way you feel, which in turn changes your mood!  

So start a much less vicious cycle of movement and happiness instead of imploding forward when life comes at you.  All it takes is a few moments of rubbing your chest bone.yaaaaaaaay

Feel good friends!

-Dr. YG

[Side note] this simple technique works great with these:

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