Mindful Walking

Whats the #1 thing you do with your entire body everyday?

sitting frog.gif


(If you don’t believe me calculate it here)

And how do you get from sitting place to sitting place?



Let’s face it, sometimes we have to sit, like when we drive or are at work,

So why not be a little mindful and get the best out of our sacred moments of walking.

It’s as easy as,

-Heel-Pinky Toe-Big Toe-

How To Move Mindfully:

In those moments when you stand up and walk around,

  • Land your step with your heel, then shift your weight over to the pinky toe mound.
  • You then shift over to the base of the big toe.
  • Use that spot to push off into your next step
  • Land with your heel and repeat all of the above 🙂

Looks like this:


Start by simply focusing on 1 foot at a time.  

As you get better you’ll be able to stay aware of both feet. 

The Benefits:

This is how to walk efficiently through embracing the natural biomechanics of your foot,

How your foot is supposed to move


As you can see your foot has 3 arches:

  • From the heel to the pinky toe – Outer Longitudinal Arch
  • Pinky Toe to Big Toe – Transverse Arch
  • Big toe to Heel – Inner Longitudinal Arch

Arches are how your body naturally transmits kinetic energy.  Arches are architecturally very supportive structures, like bridges.  They’re quite resistant to gravity as well; the Roman arches have been around for a long time.

On most of us our Transverse Arch is collapsed because of how often we wear shoes.  There’s also a lot of people who are “Flat footed” and no longer have their inner Big Arch (or Inner Longitudinal).

The first thing in fixing all that, is as simple as learning how to properly distribute weight into your foot when you walk.

How your Whole Body Benefits:

When you walk the kinetic energy from the propulsion of your foot:

  1. Travels up your leg into your hip,
  2. Crosses over at the pelvis @ the Sacrotuberal Ligament
  3. Then is absorbed by your opposite shoulder via your ThoracoLumbar Fascia.

(More on that here)


Weirdly enough, the ancient Egyptians and Chinese actually knew about this.

Check out this Foot Chart:


Structurally, each spot that I outlined above actually corresponds to this transmission of kinetic energy in your body.

The Movement Cycle:

  • Heel is related to the Sacrum & Pelvis 
    • They are both large bones that are designed to bear weight
  • Pinky Toes represent the Shoulders
    • The next point your force travels in the foot and the body.
  • Big Toes are all about the Upper Chest.

Via the swing of your shoulders your kinetic energy is redirected back down the front side of your body, where it crosses over at the pelvis into your opposite leg.

That’s how you can kick off with your big toe and start the cycle all over again.


Crazy right?!

So if the Ancient Egyptians and Chinese had that figured out, could they have been right about the organs affiliated with different spots on the foot too?

Via the fascia in your body we can hypothesize that kinetic energy moves through these different organs as it travels in its Movement Cycle.  Organs have mechanoreceptors, nerve cells that excite and relay to your Brain when there is a change in pressure, vibration, and tension, meaning they are stimulated by mechanical forces.

Let’s take another look at that foot chart,


All of these different organs could be getting kinetic mechanical stimulation solely from the sole of your foot.  

Mindful Walking

Based on all this one could arrive at the conclusion:

Being mindful of how you walk and transmit force

does a whole body good.

And it all starts with the simple act of repeating the Mantra:

-Heel-Pinky Toe-Big Toe-

as you walk.

By the way, it’s really hard to do this if you’re walking with your face buried in your phone.


Let’s have a quick Moment of Humble Honesty with ourselves:

One the of the main reasons you’re buried in your phone is because you have nothing to do with your mind when you walk.

Plus, you’re going to sit down the moment you stop walking.

Stave off the ill effects of sitting with an efficient bout of walking.

All you need to do is,

Put your phone down and move with your mind

give your body the sweet benefits of Mindful Movement!


After a while you’ll be walking and feeling great like a boss dog.

-Heel-Pinky Toe-Big Toe-,

-Dr. YG

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